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13th November 2015

10:49pm: Grumble
Nothing better than coming back from a trip to Hawaii, and having to write a midterm the following day. Good thing it was on fishes and birds and I failed it miserably; which will hamper me later in life not knowing all my Ontario wildlife.

Other than that, the trip on the Kalalau trail was amazing, rated as top 20 hardest hikes on the world, and damn it was hard! For some reason my classmates didn't really read up on the hardest part and took no pre-emptive training before than, had to literally drag people's asses up the side of the mountain...but damn those pains and angst were rewarding, cue in Jurassic Park soundtrack.

 photo DSC_0947_zpscacpyuqs.jpg

I also have to say, that several of our classmates were bumming the equipment off our back. Good thing we were carrying a heft load of emergency spare gear when all the ultra light packers only had 20lbs of gear including food and water. Mainly cause they were bumming all of the gear **especially the heavier items like stoves and fuel bottle off of us, and they just didn't bring anything of their own >_< *Like try to open a can without a can opener.

It's interesting how this trip might actually break the ODAN class cohesion more than anything else. When teacher is not there to interfere our bickering, the brown stuff really does hit the whirly thing a lot harder.

21st September 2015

10:28pm: Rebooting systems
7 days of beaver fever....although I am speculating e.coli since quarter of the class came down with it including a teacher. But finally out of the murky forest and into the clear.

Good thing cause I need to regain some adipose for a 9 day sea kayak trip on Thursday. Was dreading that I might need to shit into my kayak of all intensive purposes.

5th August 2015

8:10pm: Things at work that is hard to adapt..but at least I am trying
One thing working at PINE has taught me is the mental fortitude required to work in a transgendered work environment. I have no qualms at all when people are explicitly expressing themselves as being gay, lesbian, or transgendered. My only mind fuck has been calling transgendered by the appropriate gender pronouns. I am getting a licking at work when I keep on slipping that certain people like to refer to as she, he, them, they, or just by name. When I mentioned a co-worker’s name at work, I have an image of a guy with a pretty impressive beard and I make the biggest mistake of calling them by their masculine gene structure pronoun, followed on by a massive amount of verbal licking.

Also several of our transgendered co-workers likes everyone to be more gender sensitive and by calling everyone without using gender specificity. Pretty amazingly hard when I can barely remember the kids name by second day in. Thus everyone by their her, him, she, etc designations.

**Although this somewhat backfired on them when they keep on referring to some troubled kids by the term DUDE……I feel like I have grown fears to the term of she, he, her, and him.
The second major complaint has been writing medical reports. So on the medical forms it specifically refer to the patient as male or female, so far we do not have an other the form….might have to write a note on the side.

31st March 2015

6:04pm: Coldest
I don't have to cross this off any bucket list...because it wasn't on it. But live in the coldest place on Earth.

The coldest we got here in Pembroke in January was -41.1 or even lower when the wind-chill was included. How cold is that? As I am typing this mother nature complaint, it's a balming -33 at the peak of Mt. Everest, which is pass the death zone.

For even warmer climate, Mars was reading 12 degrees C a couple of weeks ago. That's it! Going to Mars.

It's cold enough that tears from your eyes will freeze up into beads of ice within 1 minute.

3rd March 2015

11:22pm: Into the Wild
I can only count with one hand probably the number of students who had a life changing experience which ends up changing their mid education career. Sure, some people drop out, some people slack off on homework. But seriously, when you get an excuse, I am running into the woods so don't bother finding me.........sounds like something from Into the Wild.

Well we have taken our wild edibles course yet and its -20 outside at night time. Hopefully I won't be going to a funeral anytime soon.

Good thing this individual waited for the weather to get warmer, because last week it was a warm -42 during the nights.....

27th February 2015

8:50pm: I pulled a person out of my rib
Today marks the day where I actually broken a bone that causes some awesome amount of discomfort. Sure, years ago I had a hairline fracture on my right pointing finger due to a door prize.

Today I separated the cartilage from my rib. One rib under the left nipple. God it sucks. The area is probably still swelling at the moment and its getting worse and worse by the hour. *monitoring.

Right now its not helping that I have a good cough going on and every time it goes off it feels..ugh. I am binge researching off the internet at the moment to see how long it takes a rib to heal, cartilage even longer. But seems like the magical number if 4-6 weeks. Which is not helpings since I have a ton of skills day to get done :/ And also frigging winter expedition in two weeks time. This is going to be greattttt.

29th November 2014

10:57pm: Best class ever
I haven't had one of these classes in a long time, but during astronomy today the teacher killed two hours by making us do the most awesome arts and crafts activity ever...build our Mars lander and have it safely land by parachute from a four storey stairwell.

I got myself the A-team, one guy who is obsessed with Kerbal Space Program, a geek girl and one girl who wraps tinfoil around the struts. For sure our craft was the most complex..and realistic...oozing with egos compared to the rest of the landers. Sadly, our complexity was too great and the lander likes to veer to the left. Most of the other people's lander fell like a rock, but straight at least on to the designated landing area.

21st October 2014

11:29pm: Marching.
Came back from a four day expedition with the class yesterday and boy it was tough. Four days of wet, muddy, hill climbing expedition. I've already kept in my mind since day one to expect nothing but hell since I overheard one of the 2nd year student said that they were averaging 20 km plus each day with full pack weight.

The rumors were true when one of our classmate had his GPS activated and we were pulling out an average of 22 km per day. That was pretty much a half marathon per day with pack over some very hilly terrain; 3 km/h average. Coupled with me falling into the drink 2 hours into the hike didn't make anything easier. Shoes was pretty much wet for the entire trip.

Surprisingly I was a pretty cheery person for the four days of hell, although it was pretty crappy...need to get a new backpack. The Velcro harness system was useless in the wet.

My meal mates started breaking down through the entirety of the trip. People were bonking and one of them was pretty much useless so I had to do all the cooking, tent preparation and water retrieval. Kind of reminds me of PSW work in Toronto.

At the end I was pretty elated that the trip was over but the mission was accomplished. For most, it will be one of the hardest thing they have done in their life...for me....I felt like it was just another day.....just slugging it through...

7th October 2014

6:53am: Trodding along in the outdoors.
I swear I can only create one flavor of curry, which is Calvin flavor.
It has all the taste of spices, but without any body. WHAT AM I DOING WRONG!!!! Must go back to India to absorb more culture.
Fine, a lot of times I don’t use yogurt or proper oils…I think gee plays an important role in the body. So far this batch I was using a coconut milk body but without any tomato paste, seems like that was my mistake, all I taste is spices and a kick.
I miss Toronto curry. Also I can go for some sanbar.

On other note, we finally have some dry land loving camping activities. The water sports is really testing my patience after a morning of having to wear cold wetsuits and getting plunge into hydraulics by the teachers. Also we finally have some lone time for ourselves and I have some time to decompress. Nothing is worse than having to crawl into a freezing cold wetsuit when you’re sleep deprived, starving and hypothermic. Plus with Alex shouting, and on a tad of time constraint, I feel like I was stuck in the army.
Also our MIA classmate Ali should stay MIA…..her first appearance since fall camp nearly had more than three quarter of the class wanting to shove Nalgene bottles down her throat. It’s like having Melissa around more than you want to.

13th September 2014

6:53pm: Change in directions
Its been about two weeks of Outdoor school and it feels more like 2 months has gone by. A complete turn around on what "schooling" is. Out of the past 10 days of classes we have already spent 7 of those out in the field..camping and doing pretty crazy things; makes gym class looks like poo poo head, and military boot camp more of a reality.

Today was white water rapid escaping, at the same time we practice drowning drills where the teachers pretty much drown us and we try to escape from our "entangled" equipment. Water temp was just around 10 degree C....group pain suffering :P

I remember 14 hour days at York but right now it feels more like 17 hour day at camp school....and includes a lot of physical exercise. Morning wake up is nearly at 5:45 and the light doesn't turn off till 10:30 in the evening. Hopefully I am getting enough shut eyes cause I keep on forgetting about all the things that can kill me xD

We went swimming in class 3-4 rapids...it was terrifying...since I am doing all of this stuff blind pretty much.

1st August 2014

12:24am: Fuzzy and not delicious :o
After spending a week in a mould infested house doing demolition and furniture moving, I have developed mould observation skill. Or more like observation phobia. Getting a new role of toilet paper from under the sink I look for mould, going into my closet to get a shirt I am also looking for mould.

Scarily enough THERE is mould build up in my shower store and around a lot of the window frames: I assume the early morning mildew is feeding those little bastards.

At least we only have patches of build up rather than a mass clump standing two inches off of furniture and walls. Heck, some of them look like blotches of paint expertly dabbled on by Gustav Klimt.

Also due to heavy demolition....my gloves were breached again! Garrghh first it was the cadaver in anatomy class, now its toxic mould...what is next? Dog feces?

5th June 2014

12:15am: it helps
Sometimes Hyde forgets my name. Why not...he's 93 years old and he's allowed to have a broken memory. Although for 93 his memory is still pretty sharp...teaches me how to play chess, Go, and basic physics.....yahh stuff that would create lesions in my brain.

Although he doesn't remember my name, he does remember this joke that I told him.......

"Made in Canada with Chinese parts."

It brings a chuckle to his face :P

3rd June 2014

11:15am: Gun goes bang
So far I’ve been pretty lucky to have not hear gunshots in the streets of Toronto….yet when I was camping within the city center in Pembroke, a random individual drove up beside the campsite and let loose a pretty loud shotgun blast at 4 in the morning. Not too sure if they’re doing it for hunting or scaring away the birds, cause when it went off, I could clearly hear an entire flock of waterfowls flying for their lives. I could also hear my heart clawing around in my rib cage.

So this is how it feels like to be woken up by gunfire. Slightly terrified in my sleeping bag for the rest of the evening, TRYING TO FALL BACK ASLEEP….and not succeeding. The following day of camping and hiking didn’t really help neither, followed by white water rafting and a 5 hour drive back to Toronto…..boy by Sunday evening I think I was a walking ghost.

One gun shot closer to having PTSD.

17th May 2014

5:18pm: error....error..error
The new format on facebook is throwing me off....trying to adapt to the new layout. Interest, my LJ is rated in the 1.04 million on the site..clearly future alien archeology will not be using my blog to help piece together our pass when we have gone extinct.

27th April 2014

12:14am: Poke poke penis?!

Apparently the DIY business market has encroached over to tattoos now. I knew of friends who made the mistake of creating their own tattoos and than scooter over to a real artist to cover it up. Sure people do it in prison all the time or weird fraternity parties......but seriously?

Anyway, I shouldn't say anything since my body is still virgin of any ink.

And really....vegan ink? Do they slaughter an entire cluster of squids for their ink in regular tattoo paint?

10th April 2014

11:29pm: Jobs that exists no more.
Looking for work and that seems to be the life right now.

Instead of looking for work I found out how they forge weld back in 1904.

They should have taught that skill in highs-school...or maybe at least not swinging the hammer at one's head.

4th April 2014

1:07am: I'm meltttttttinggggg
I find it fascinating that in this modern age I can watch something be created and easily destroyed within a year or two. Maybe like this posting on Livejournal. People laugh and taunt me that I’m still using livejournal, the younger crowd are saying live wha? I enjoy typing since out of education I’ve noticed a massive diminishment for me abling to write anything properly.

Like that previous sentence does not sound properly coherent at all. I swear university and constant typing helped keep my dyslexia at bay. But right now, working with elderly people and doing nothing but that has diminished my brain capacity to pre-dementia settings. Need to grow more neural pathways! Is this what mature life all about….9-5 and loose precious memories?

12th March 2014

12:12am: Waste Angst
"Ate a healthy brunch @ Fresh with my super cool WWF friend... bought GMO-free/organic cereal on the way home... brewed a cup of fairtrade coffee... did laundry using biodegradable/phosphate-free detergent... washed dishes with all natural/non-toxic/biodegradable soap... learned about air & noise pollution over an izakaya dinner with my MoE friend... Every little action counts... just doing my part."

When my cousin posts something like this on her facebook...it makes my brain wrinkle xD

Maybe its the chipped shoulder inside my body for environmentalism or just that its her smugness. Sure the last Christmas my drunk uncle lost his shits on two of my cousins for posting up confusing signs for the recycling bin to which one to put organic and non-organic wastes into......every time anyone made the mistake of putting paper towel into the organic refuse bins we get a earful of...ohh no this is treated by chemicals.


Its okay..she took all the three of the bags home to sort out the garbage.

Can't they like leave me alone, I shave with a straight razor and bike for traveling, I think I've done my fair share right here..offset my footprint. Maybe I should endorse them to start doing bare feet running.

8th March 2014

12:33pm: Youth.
Its sad when the dementia ridden elderly patients I take care of have better memory than I do. Or just that my memory is slipping away or something.

I wonder what is the secret to long life? Sure better diet and taking care oneself might push you a couple years to a decade…I think? But than you hear of perfectly healthy people dying by the age of 72. I wonder how long my indoor computer generation would ago to?

Compared to a lot of my clients, they’re pushing mid 80s and achieved past 90. Sure it sucks that they wake up in the night time in a completely different room without knowing how they got there…..but boy their mind is pretty damn sharp in the morning, like beating me senseless in a game of Go *I quip that it was my first time playing.

Maybe to achieve long life is to expose yourself to the rigors of life and survived through it. I always joked to them that they’re too stubborn to die. A couple of them were war vets, survivors of WWII in Poland, and worked in laborious tasks such as construction or mining. Oh by the way, the miner was also a heavy smoker. You think these type of work will kill you, yet it allowed him to live longer than their family doctor.

Sadly all these people with a wealth of knowledge and experience will wilt away at their retirement home prison without the rest of the world knowing.

Of course this is all silly since by the time I’m 79 there will be cybernetic robots that I would implant my brain into…..and live on forever. Unless my brain is completely wilted away by than.

7th February 2014

4:00pm: Eaten spiders..maybe?
I am a little worried that I might have eaten an entire family of spider...and eggs cause the batch of dolmas I made last night had a lot of spider corpses....and little balls of something coming out while washing the leaves......

hmmmmm stomach acid should be strong enough to digest inactive spider crawlings? starts drinking pesticide...that should take care of them :D

31st December 2013

1:07am: Car..or bicycle....CAr(s) or bicycle
I think a while back I posted up a bicycle which had an asking price of 20 grand, and was being sold here in Toronto! Okay, I thought that bike was expensive till I found this bike on ebay for a bit more...and again, from Toronto! Clearly there's no recession going on over here.

Behold FUTURA 2000 Colnago PROTOTYPE road bike

 photo T2eC16RHJGYE9nooh75vBSJlHtRbvQ60_571_zpsa8b4ce59.jpg

This bike's purchase price is 110,000,00. That's right. I can purchase SEVERAL cars with a single bicycle sporting a very nice paint scheme. Fine, I can understand that this bike is a one of a kind original and a prototype......but but..really for this pricing? Its just a bike!

Good thing I don't have any urges to start hitting the purchase button on the site...or maybe I can and someone would hopefully outbid me :P Than again..this bike is one size too large for me.......phew!

Also for this price, this bicycle is friggin HEAVY!!! Only weights 18.5 lbs. I wonder if any idiot who purchases this bike is going to figure out ways to reduce its weight...take away the saddle...oh wait..this bike doesn't even have pedals yet!

27th November 2013

11:45pm: Sufentanil
4 years ago I would've been cramming right now to write an essay about the hyper masculine interpretation of Rambo the film.....(I end up writing about the mentality of vets who wanders the homeland aimlessly plagued with the memories of war)....didn't do so well for that essay if I remember.......I end up getting a B+...but in reality, I can make out a F that was heavily scratched out by the first marker?

Now I'm cramming high school level science physics which is skull fucking my eyes out! Ack........I do not want to go to aeronautics, or astrophysics, or fluid engineering...or or....but supposedly you need to know this stuff if you want to go into medical health care related fields....hmmm.

The good thing I have several friends who are in this field and takes joy and entertainment to watch me squirm. Yes, they heckled me for having a film degree..........except one isn't doing all too well with a Bachelor in Chemistry :P the other fellow is a practicing doc *ooo that's right....I can say I have a real doctor friend..MEDICAL ONE!** Sadly he doesn't tell me too many interesting stories since he works in the palliative care ward...dead and dying is his specialty.

The cool thing is that he gets to send me tidbits of unheard medically things........like drugs :D Right now I can't stop using Sufentanil.......its pretty awesome. A quick cut from Wikipeida:

" A powerful synthetic opioid analgesic drug, approximately 5-10x more potent than its (already very potent) analog, fentanyl, and 400 to 1000 times as potent as morphine.
Use of this medication is in operating suites and critical care where pain relief is required for a short period of time. It also offers properties of sedation and this makes it a good analgesic component of anesthetic regimen during an operation. "

This stuff is so powerful, a couple mg would probably kill a patient.

The extra bonus now is that I don't need to sit in the doc's office when I get sick. I sit at home.....spit out my vitals to him and he pretty much confirms my diagnosis and treatments.....yahh medic skills coming to play....just need someone who knows what they're doing to sign off....I wonder if he can sign my Doctor note when I'm sick for school.

2nd September 2013

11:43am: Mishandling of babies.
 photo 2013-09-01205112_zps77408ebd.jpg

18th August 2013

7:22pm: Big ball of plasma
Physics is taking advantage of my waste disposal hole..the more I do it the more I despise it....but I can't help it..because physics is truly awesome........curse you and nurses suffering pains.

Our planet is so insignificant when placed beside VY Canis Majoris. Like throwing water droplets into a blast furnace.

13th August 2013

9:25pm: What are you watching?
There are days I'm captivated by sharpening videos online....or how to fire pistols with the opposing hand.

For the last 2 hours I've been watching menstrual cycles for anatomy class......and finishing up a bowl of lasagna...............folllllllicles.
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